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Project Validus progress

Posted by Chrispington - September 19th, 2007

Pre-production on the next version of Validus is well underway;
plot and character design are progressing nicely, the game engine is reaching playable levels and a team of voice actors is nearly assembled.


I'm currently improving my Audio skills so that I can make some theme music worthy of being in the game. Once I've learned enough to mix/balance properly and customise synths to my liking, I'll be ready.
The concept for the theme song will probably be done within a week or two.

The song is done, see below. 'No room in hell"
It's unfinished, needs quotes and sfx added, and will be remixed when this happens. That won't be for a while though.

Work is taking up most of my time at the moment, but soon I'll be going back to more casual work schedule and will have enough time to do some serious making.

Here's a promo shot I made up a while back:

Project Validus progress

Comments (24)

that looks freaking SWEET! like the old fashioned GTA's and is that a Level up system i see? and ZOMBIES!!!

man this looks good, but will there be a survive for as long as you can mode?

More like, SAH-WEEET!

There will be even more leveling up action than the survival mode demo, and yeah of course there will be a new survival mode version as well

"...and a team of voice actors is nearly assembled."

Does that mean there's still room for more? If you're in the market, please check out my demo and resume at <a href="http://voice.tomamoto.com">http://voice.tomamoto.com</a> or at least check out some of the fun stuff that I've submitted to newgrounds. ;-) Looks like a really cool game!

Sure dude, you've got some good stuff there, I'll contact you once the character concepts get a bit further along.

Game looks like its gonna be great and im just giving a few suggestions here.

1) You should add in a map edior for the game where we can just mess around with the buildings, vehicles, zombie spawns, weapon spawns, and all that stuff even make our own maps a huge map size limit would be cool so we can make our own town or city.

2) The inventory system looks real nice as well as the cars and allies are you thinking of having them auto-level themselves or can the player decide what they learn and skills they get when they level?

3) You should put in some more skills like Construction (Making barricades and using planks and stuff to block doorways or the street) Rifles/Long Barrel guns (For like snipers and long barreled signal-shot guns with or without scopes) Driving (Lets you drive faster and customize vehicle with more things like a gun or armor) and Weaponsmith (Lets you constumize your guns by making them able to use bigger rounds or fixing their rate of fire)

4) Since there are some Zombie games that involve you getting money for kills I think that you should put in parts and for cusomizing guns or cars.

5) The Ability to change the zombies (Like their skin color a few details for what they look like and extra clothing they have like torn up shirts or pants) your allies (Basicly changing their clothing colors or adding extra features to them like helments or SWAT armor) ability to edit what your character looks like depending on what clothing or weapons you have.

Anyway other than that the game looks great as it is.

1) nah this kind of thing wouldn't be part of story mode, although simple map design for suvival mode V2 would be workable. But it will be an adventure game at heart.

2) at the moment they auto level themselves, but I will possibly add options for choosing major upgrades, such as weapon choices or perks. If so, only the main ones would get this, the secondary NPCs would still auto level.

3) 4) this kind of stuff would be determined by which plot devices fit the gameplay at any given time. I don't think they would warrant actual level tables and player stats. However there will be certain skills that some characters have that provide stat upgrades passively.

4) Not worth the effort or the lag.

Thanks for the suggestions dude, i'll subconsciuosly take them into account

That looks like a hyped up version of the old Grand Theft Auto games...can't say that is a bad thing though, especially with your added touch to it...hope to see it in the near(?) future!


dude do you have an estiment about when this project... no pice of art will be done the first one you made blew my mind and i know i will never get off my comp when this is done =p

sick, i cant wait for it

I remember trying out the earlier beta from a link you gave me last year, but this looks far more developed.

Keep up the awesome work!

I've been watching and waiting ever since the first one. Not to mention aching and wishing that it would happen. I am incredibly psyched to see you're working on the sequel. I can't wait for it!

Wow looks like a bonercake.


that game looks awesome!! is it going to be a multiplayer? id play that if there was online chat n stuff.

Really cool, I already played Project Validus Survival, It's really a good a good game, because It's a RPG and a zombie killer game in the same time. I'm waiting the next game ^^

hey man, the game looks sweet. I'm new to this and I wanted to attribute you, how can i get in touch with ya?? I'm making a sweet robo-flash game and dig your music. ltr

Just use Private Messages, it's at the top under my user picture in the contact info section.

I Can't wat !!!!!


yo when is it gonna be done i have been w8ing for like a year so plz tell me

This seems like it has the potential to be insanly awesome, but from the looks of it, you've gone inactive.

The thought makes me a sad panda... :'(

I'm still on it!
However, this game is gonna be totally epic so i'm learning more in the meantime, plus i gotta save enough money to survive for the time it takes for me to make it.


Do you have to juse 2 years on dis

used your music in my latest thingamagig, ASSUALT BUGGY!!! :D







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